Pizza Pilgrims Offer A Fair Slice

Pizza Pilgrims have started 2020 in great style, with an immersive pizza restaurant in Victoria, but attention now falls upon Camden where the pizza experts shall be establishing another brand new concept; this time featuring an official Pizza Academy.

As well as dishing up all the familiar favourites of Pizza Pilgrim's classic Neapolitan pizzas, the new North London creation will set its focus upon helping to train a variety of individuals from contrasting backgrounds, with an ambition of equipping those with the necessary skills required to start a new career.

Those who are marked as potential beneficiaries of the Pizza Academy are the likes of young people, part-time students, ex-offenders and those having previously battled homelessness.

The one-off courses will train people to obtain specific pizza skills, after which the graduates can hone their new talents in the pizzeria itself, meaning popping in for a few slices can see you support those in training, as well as fresh graduates.