Planet Fuel Organic Juices Strategic Partnership for Mass Market Appeal

In a strategic move to reach mass market appeal, Amy and Tom Barnouw, Co-Founders of Planet Fuel Beverage Company have secured a partnership with SCS Direct Inc., a consumer products corporation with an extensive portfolio across the Toy, Baby, Housewares, Home Improvement and Outdoor Living categories.

Fairfield-based Planet Fuel Beverage Company creates naturally healthy beverages targeting the teen and tween demographic. As a mission-driven business, Planet Fuel is dedicated to building a line of great-tasting, organic products and inspiring their consumers to contribute to environmental conservation.

The concept for Planet Fuel beverages was created by Amy Barnouw, Co-Founder and CEO of the company, who as a parent saw a gap in the crowded food and beverage market that tends to target teens and tweens with unhealthy products. The beverage space for this demographic mainly consists of products containing artificial ingredients and stimulants, yet are positioned as "cool" and "hip" for teens, such as soda and sports drinks. In contrast, healthy juices are typically targeted towards younger children, leaving the teen and tween consumer with beverage options that are not designed for their unique wants and values. Planet Fuel believes teens and tweens should not have to sacrifice healthy to choose a hip brand they identify with.

Unlike competitors in the space, Planet Fuel beverages combine organic juices and a splash of water to naturally lower sugar content without sacrificing the taste. In addition, there are no added refined sugars, preservatives or artificial sweeteners in their shelf stable beverages. Planet Fuel promotes an organic lifestyle through the consumption of foods free from pesticides and other harmful toxins.

"We are thrilled to join forces with SCS Direct as we strengthen and expand the Planet Fuel brand," says Amy Barnouw, Planet Fuel's President and CEO. "Building on their tremendous success in the consumer toy, housewares and outdoor living space, we look forward to leveraging this partnership to grow Planet Fuel into a household name."

SCS Direct's departure into the food and beverage industry with Planet Fuel is outside the realm of their traditional consumer products categories. SCS Direct was attracted to Planet Fuel because of their emphasis on delivering organic and healthy products that encourage consumers to participate in environmental sustainability. Planet Fuel Beverage Co. products are also approved by the Department of Education for sale in middle schools and high schools in SCS Direct's headquartered state of Connecticut.

"The Barnouw's passion for Planet Fuel is infectious," states Howard Greenspan, Owner of SCS Direct Inc. "Planet Fuel is well positioned for long term sustainable growth in the food and beverage arena. With the company's established presence in Connecticut school systems and strong enthusiasm for environmental change, it was the perfect fit for SCS Direct's entry into this robust industry."

The partnership is in already in full swing and Planet Fuel is aiming to secure placement in mass market retailers and big box stores while continuing to develop a strong presence in school systems. This new partnership has enabled Planet Fuel to make a complete brand overhaul, implementing a new and creative look and feel. Planet Fuel has evolved their logo and produced new packaging which includes a larger size (10-ounce) recyclable, aluminum can. In addition, Planet Fuel beverages have an increased online presence, recently entering the e-commerce space via Amazon.

Planet Fuel is designed to be more than a healthy organic juice. The Barnouws picked the name "Planet Fuel" to establish the brand's association with environmental conservation. CEO Amy Barnouw has a background of over 15 years in the environmental non-profit sector that she brings to Planet Fuel Beverage Co. She looks forward to harnessing the consumer power behind her mission to create positive social change.

Find out more about the Planet Fuel brand and product on the company website here.