Platinum Jubilee seasonwatching Report

Following the long bank holiday weekend here in the UK celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we recap the food and drink we've tracked across this one off celebration in our latest seasonwatching report.

It has been over 70 years since the Queen's coronation and communities of all ages came together to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee over this four day Bank Holiday weekend. Whether it was a street party with neighbours, themed afternoon tea with friends or simply toasting with a celebratory themed cocktail, there was so much going on. Moreover, with food and drink there is a true sense of British coming through with traditional flavours and formats. There were trifles aplenty, while a tin of biscuits has never been the same as we see a thread of core classics throughout. Aprons are back on too, with the Victoria sponge a hero with different flavours and formats explored, and regal touches finished off delicate pastries.

As the celebrations draw to a close, there is so much inspiration within food and drink (and simple ways to celebrate together) that looks set to last way beyond the weekend. To give you a taste of what's covered in the full seasonwatching report, we've put together our three key takeouts below.

  • Rich in Heritage – British classics and quintessential flavours like elderflower, strawberries, rose, violet and lemon are celebrated. There's a deeply personal element to the celebration as limited edition gin uses handpicked botanicals from Buckingham Palace Gardens.
  • Classics with a twist – Traditional bakes and flavours are enjoyed in their simplicity, however, we're also having fun with flavour and formats. Scones make it into the savoury course with flavours such as pulled jackfruit, and Victoria Sponge martinis bring a fun twist to an iconic classic.
  • Celebrate Together – Street food party servings with cakes ready to serve 20 people, and even corgi cakes help to bring a shareable and fun element to celebrations. Entry level baking kits ensure that everyone is involved…whether enjoying a cocktail or a simple cuppa, the emphasis is on sharing.
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