Pop-up Bunnychow comes to Soho

As of this week South African street-food concept Bunnychow is bringing its feisty, flavoursome 'bunnys' to the Sun & 13 Cantons pub in Soho for a one-off pop up, taking place from Monday 11th - Friday 22nd May 2015.

Famous for its bunnys- freshly baked buns, hollowed out, crammed with delicious hot fillings and topped with a bread 'lid' - Bunnychow has transformed a traditional Durban workers meal with bold recipes and a modern and imaginative twist.

Having brought Bunny Chow from the sugar cane fields of South Africa to the streets of London via a food truck and a store on Wardour Street, Bunnychow is now offering pub-goers the chance to sample the big flavours and aromatic sauces of this delicious and distinctive Durban street food. The full Bunnychow menu will be served at the Sun and 13 Cantons residency, alongside a selection of South African inspired sides and snacks.

Each bunny filling is made with different meats, veg and garnishes, from traditional mutton and vegetables to chicken and pulled pork. When choosing from Bunnychow's compact menu, diners have the option of a white, wholemeal, brioche or, soon to launch, gluten free bread and can pick from a range of delicious South African sides. Torn apart with messy fingers, scooped out with a fork or dunked into like a soup, the only way to eat a bunny is with pure unadulterated delight.

Below is the full Bunnychow menu:


DURBAN BUNNY – Slow cooked mutton curry, raita, mango chutney - £5

VEGGIE BUNNY – Cauliflower, chickpea, potato, spicy Durban sauce - £5

PIRI PIRI PORK BUNNY – 8 hour pulled pork & Bunnychow's Piri Piri sauce - £5

CHAKALAKA BUNNY – Spicy chicken and tomato, raita, mango chutney - £5

FULL ENGLISH BUNNY* (served all day) – Sausage, home cured bacon, button mushrooms, bobotie spiced beans, tomato, bunnychow's homemade black pudding, fried egg - £4

SIDES – All £1


GEELRYS RICE - Spicy, sweet rice

BORECOLE – Stir-fried kale

Find out more about bunny chow here.