Pret Announces New Autumn Menu With Plenty To Digest

British sandwich and coffee shop chain Pret has announced its new Autumn Menu featuring 26 new products that are now available in shops across the UK.

The new menu features a range of comforting snacks and meals with a focus on hot food innovation, including the popular return of Pret's Soup Rota, offering a number of different warming rotating choices.

Key items from the new Autumn Menu include:

Soup Rota - Tweaks to former favourites include Souper Greens Soup, Butternut and Sage Soup, and Chicken, Red Rice and Greens Broth, whilst Lasagne Soup makes a debut in the rotation.

New Mac & Cheese - Kale & Red Tapenade Macaroni Cheese; Tubetti rigati pasta with kale and cauliflower florets in a mature cheddar cheese béchamel sauce. Topped with red tapenade, a sprinkling of panko breadcrumbs, Italian matured cheese and parsley.

Toasties & Toasted Focaccias - including a taasty Brie & Bacon Focaccia as well as the new Reuben Toastie.

Find out more about the new menu here.