Pret Heads To Tesco In New Move To Reconnect with Customers

High street sandwich chain Pret is set to expand operations with a new partnership into Tesco stores nationwide, rolling out a trial period this June. Following the closure of more than 70 of its high street locations in the UK during the tough times of the pandemic in 2020 the chain is looking to pivot to reconnect with consumers around the country.

Remote working saw traffic in Pret stores plummet during COVID as stores were also temporarily closed, but the new partnership with supermarket chain Tesco is a sign of promise. The first shop is set to open in Tesco's Kensington superstore in London next month, with three other locations set to open later this summer. If this is deemed a success then there are plans to expand this footprint.

Pret already launched its first grocery food range in Tesco earlier this year, selling frozen croissants and granola. Aside from its supermarket moves Pret has also tried to be creative in ways to balance the negative effects of the pandemic with a monthly coffee subscription service of up to five cups of coffee a day for a £20 a month fee, as well as selling Pret-branded online too.

Image credit - Pret a Manger