Previously Discontinued Cheese Twists Reintroduced By Lidl

Supermarket chain Lidl has this month announced the return of its much coveted Cheese Twist to stores nationwide from the 30th May.

A brand that has nailed its consumer merch over the past year or two no, Lidl is parodying its own icon's return with a giveaway, offering free 'Twisties' fan bundles to customers - with 1,989 bundles to be offered as part of a giveaway on on a first come, first served basis.

Since the flaky pastry disappeared from shelves, Lidl says that fans have been begging for its return.

Teasing its return, Lidl posted a fun Instagram reel which showed a curated playlist by Lidl. Featuring songs such as The Twist by Chubby Checker and Say Cheese by Paul Russell, fanatics may have clocked on that their beloved Cheese Twist are heading back to store shelves.

The Cheese Twist is a light and airy savoury snack, with layers of buttery and flaky pastry intertwined with British mature cheddar, cooked on site.