Pudding-Mania With New Walkers Crisps and Horlicks Drinks Flavours

There's pudding flavours coming from all directions, but from unexpected brands and products - namely Walkers Crisps and Horlicks drinks varieties. One to get you in the mood for the Christmas period, whilst the other is there to spark nostalgia.

First up is the divisive new flavour from Walkers, part of their limited edition Christmas range, offering up a taste of Sweet & Spiced Christmas Pudding in your crisp packet. Walkers fans online have already shared their distaste for the flavour, more in favour of the others in the collection - Pigs in Blankets and Festive Turkey.

Elsewhere, Horlicks have introduced a trio of new, nostalgic pudding flavours without the festive twist - Banoffee Pie, Apple Pie and Cherry Bakewell. A sweetened spin on the classic Horlicks Instant drink that's been adorned by fans for years. The new flavours will launched exclusively in Poundland stores around the UK next month, each keeping true to the brand's signature malty taste but bringing in the flavours of the three popular dessert choices.

Horlicks has been producing drinks for 150 years now, with its core range sticking to four tried and tested options - Original, Instant, Chocolate and Vegan.

Which is it then, Christmas Pudding Crisps, or a sweet Horlicks treat in a mug?