Quality Street Bring Back A Fan Favourite This Christmas

Confectionary brand Quality Street is bringing back fan favourite Coffee Creme exclusively to John Lewis and Waitrose for the festive period.

After more than 20 years, Quality Street fans can experience the indulgent coffee flavour fondant wrapped in dark chocolate in stores starting from 20th September at Waitrose.

In November 2021, Quality Street asked the nation what their favourite retro sweet was. It was revealed that Coffee Creme was the number one most-loved retro sweet. The sweet gained 39% of the vote.

"We've been keeping the exciting news of the return of the Coffee Creme tightly under wraps so it's a huge relief to finally share it with Quality Street fans across the UK," said Quality Street Brand Manager, Samantha Hirst. "We know it was the one that fans were keen to bring back when we asked the nation back in 2021, so it's safe to say that we're anticipating we'll see some smiling faces at the news!"

In addition to the return of the Coffee Creme, shoppers can create their own bespoke collection of favourites from the 12 tasty sweets in this year's pick and mix assortment at John Lewis. Whether it's a tin full of Green Triangles or a carefully curated selection of family favourites, shoppers can refill their own John Lewis bought tins or purchase an exclusive special edition that can be personalised. Pick and mix crackers will also be returning for 2023.


Confectionary rival Celebrations has also announced a change to its offering as we get closer to the festive season with a unique box of only Bounty chocolates - statistically the least popular chocolate in the Celebrations box. Having announced last year that it would be removing the coconut chocolate, Mars has brought the opinion divider back to the fore in this Bounty-only box which has been dubbed the 'Bounty Centrepiece'.

However ... fans will have to be quick if they want to get their hands on the bespoke tubs as Mars are making just 300,000 of these this year and once they're gone, they're gone.