Quality Street Chocolates Make A Change To Go Greener

Fans of Quality Street chocolates will notice a difference to their sweets this Christmas as the brand updates their packaging in a bid to reduce plastic usage. Each of the chocolates will not be wrapped in paper, as they first were back in 1936, instead of the usual shiny plastic wrappers.

The move comes as Quality Street aims to become more sustainable with its packaging, part of its bid to remove up to a quoted two billion pieces of packaging material by the end of 2023 - an initiative the brand started last year.

Following a post on social media from Quality Street, several disgruntled fans were quick to leave comments of disappointment in response to the news. However, we applaud the change to become more responsible.

The new paper wrappers don't affect the shelf life of the chocolates within. And each of the iconic flavours remain identifiable by the colour of their wrappers so there's not going to be any confusion this Christmas when you try to avoid the Orange Creme ones! (Yes, each to their own).

Image credit www.qualitystreet.co.uk