Quarterly Trend Reporting, April - June 2022

Each quarter, over on our trendhub we publish our Trend Summary where we highlight the reoccurring themes that we've identified over the year to date; the major topics, products and movements that we seem to be establishing themselves as trends this year. Covering foodwatching, drinkswatching and healthwatching, our latest reports covering April through June 2022 are now live.

The idea behind this additional summary is that it should help you step back and see the big themes that are emerging in food from a helicopter perspective. We see countless trends and fads every month, but these are the whoppers that appear to be gathering momentum to date.

You can read the reports via the links below - but only if you have a trendhub subscription. Not yet subscribed? Get in touch today or complete the form below.

foodwatching - click to see report which includes effects of the cost of living crisis, the world of digital eating (and what we mean by this!), the diversification of food and flavours and more.

drinkswatching - click to see report which includes increased Asian flavours becoming mainstream in the drinks market, the rise and return of peach as a flavour, the increased engagement of drinks brands with consumers via the Metaverse, and more.

healthwatching - click to see report which includes the big business of natural fortification, the search for alternative ingredients, the paper revolution in the drive to become more sustainable, and more.