Quarterly Trend Reporting, October - December 2022

At the end of each quarter in the calendar year we launch our latest foodwatching, drinkswatching and healthwatching reports which cover the reoccurring themes that we've identified over the past three months. Our latest quarterly reports covering the final three months of 2022 are now live.

The idea behind this additional summary is that it should help you step back and see the big themes that are emerging in food from a helicopter perspective. We see countless trends and fads every month, but these are the whoppers that appear to be gathering momentum to date.

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foodwatching - click to see report.
Countless products, developments and innovations hit the market over the last year. And, as ever, many of these are linked together by common overarching themes. These key themes which have cropped up time and time again this year include The Big Squeeze, as a result of the ongoing Cost Of Living Crisis; Back To Basics, as people often resort to things of familiarity and comfort in times of uncertainty; and New Directions, as external factors such as new HFSS regulations and big brands extending into new sectors see a raft of product reimagination.

drinkswatching - click to see report.
Key themes cropping up over the course of the past months in drinks include Responsible Drinking, as consumers take a more socially aware approach to what they consume; Flavour Zone, where we've seen big, bold and bright flavours take to the fore, as well as the reemergence of flavours not seen for a while too; and Cup Of Joy, whereby consumers look for a bit of beverage bliss wherever they can, whether on the go, in their favourite cafe or just at home.

healthwatching - click to see report.
Three of the themes identified over the past months across health include The Conscious Consumer, stemming from the increased clarity and visibility of the environmental issues across the world and therefore how consumers are changing their diet to have less affect through their diet; Plant-Based Alternatives, although nothing new with the link between meat consumption and both human and planetary health having been a hot topic for several years now,we continue to see exciting developments in products across this sector as more people adopt to a plant-based diet; and finally, Convenient Health, whereby more and more brands are wising up to the ever increasing busy schedules of consumers across work, life and family to ensure that even on the busiest days healthy choices can still be made.