Quarterly Trend Reports For April - June 2021

Our latest quarterly Trend Reports have been published covering the second quarter of 2021 from April through June across foodwatching, drinkswatching and healthwatching. To give you a taste of what you can find and expect in each of the quarterly reports we've pulled out some information from each to get started.

The idea behind this additional summary is that it should help you step back and see the big themes that are emerging in food from a helicopter perspective. We see countless trends and fads every month, but these are the whoppers that appear to be gathering momentum to date.

foodwatching - a few of the key themes we've seen crop up over and over again include Make It Fun, Tickle Your Tastebuds and Next Gen to name just three. With the pandemic changing the way we eat as much as how we approach mealtimes there's still lots of change in how the whole family interacts around food.

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drinkswatching - some of the overarching themes we've seen recurring across drinks include Clean & Healthy, Functional & Fortified and Full of Flavour. With consumers convinced now more than ever that you are what you eat, it's no surprise we're seeing such conscious decisions when it comes to what we're all drinking.

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healthwatching - three of the key themes across health in food and drink are Animal Friendly, Climate Impact and Trending Ingredients. After dominating conversation in Q1, veganism continues to be a hot topic and one where we're seeing continuous changes through innovation, experimentation and global influence amongst other factors.

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