Recent Celebrity Endorsements And Product Launches Across Food & Beverage

We've seen a wave of brand endorsements and product launches across both food and beverage over the past weeks so we've rounded up some of the biggest news we've spotted.

Lewis Hamilton Launches Alcohol-Free Agave Spirit
Late last year, Formula One star Lewis Hamilton partnered up with Mexican spirits group Casa Lumbre to launch Almave, the world's first alcohol-free, agave 'spirit' in Mexico. The brand is this month launching its first expression in the UK - Almave Ambar Distilled Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit, which is the perfect sipping tipple. The liquid itself captures the authentic aromas and flavours of its key ingredient, giving tasting notes of roasted blue agave, sweet caramel and toasted wood.

" There's a huge appetite for quality alternatives for those times when people don't want to drink alcohol but also don't want to compromise on flavour, which is why it was important that our product includes agave to reflect the taste of conventional Tequila," commented Hamilton.

" I think it tastes amazing and what we have created is unlike anything else on the market, so I can't wait to see what you all think."

Kylie Jenner Low-Cal Vodka Soda
TV personality turned entrepreneur Kylie Jenner is debuting her new ready-to-drink canned vodka soda range, Sprinter, in the United States this March. Made with premium vodka, sparkling water and real fruit juice across four flavours - black cherry, peach, grapefruit and lime. Each can is 4.5% ABV and contains just 100 calories .

" Sprinter is my answer to the growing consumer demand for quality canned cocktails," Jenner commented in a statement. "We're adding to a market dominated by only a few players with an incredibly delicious vodka soda in a can."

Ricky Gervais' Vodka Brand Wins Major Retail Listings
Comedian and TV personality Ricky Gervais has seen his Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka brand receive a number of high profile store listings in the UK including Costco and Sainsbury's following a funny call out on his social media asking more stores to stock his brand so that he could make some more money.

The new stores join an already impressive list stocking Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka, including Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons and ASDA. Produced by the Ellers Farm Distillery using apples in North Yorkshire, featuring a distinctive brown bottle which holds its colour due to the use of a higher percentage of recycled glass than light glass.

Football Legend Ian Wright Launches Direct-To-Consumer Pie Brand
Former Arsenal legend and football star Ian Wright has launched a range of Sunday roast-themed pies as part of his new food and lifestyle brand Uncle Wrighty.

The first pie, created in collaboration with London-based hand-pressed pie producer Willy's Pies, is packed full with roast chicken, sage and onion. To launch the pie, Wright took over Chef Brian Danclair's Brixton restaurant Fish Wings and Tings earlier this month to serve 100 pies to the lunchtime crowd. New collaboration product launches are already in the works which means that despite recently announcing that he's stepping down from his long-standing position on Match of the Day, Wrighty's in no mood to slow down.