Refrigerated Snack Bars - Making Their Way Into Your Diet

This April we covered the topic of refrigerated snack bars, and their rise in popularity, over in a healthwatching report on our trendhub. With freshness becoming of increasing importance for millennials and Gen Z, and the perception that refrigerated bars are fresher and need fewer additives and preservatives, these are becoming big business.

We recently also spotted British brand Yaar, a finalist in the World Food Innovation Awards 2019 in the best snack innovation category, launching a range of chilled quark bars as it looks to disrupt the snacking and dairy categories.

YAAR's vision is to bring the delicious goodness of dairy to handheld snacking. Every delicious nibble of our Nordic quark bars promises the thick & creamy taste of yogurt with the consistency and texture of cheesecake. Our delicious little YAAR bars are only 140 calories, making them the perfect on-the-go dairy snack… Not so guilty pleasures, anytime of day!

Interest continues to rise with more and more brands getting involved and launching their own chilled snack. Take a look at some of those which we identified in our healthwatching report on the topic here.