Regenuary 2021

Many spins have been placed upon January over the years with the latest being that of Regenuary, something which has caused somewhat of a stir in recent days across social media, but what exactly does it mean?

In essence, the month long effort of Regenuary is focused upon consuming foods which are primarily sourced locally, seasonally and all animals involved having been raised using regenerative farming practices.

Biodiversity, soil enrichment, improved watersheds and much more are highlighted as key areas which benefit from this more conscious form of consumption, which unlike intake specific diets such as veganism, are informed more by the geographical, economical and environmental consequences of purchasing goods.

It is this friction with the likes of veganism which has caused much debate of Regenuary's benefits, especially given its allowance of meat consumption and production, with many eager to state that this is not a 'one or the other' type of decision.

In the ideal world of Regenuary, consumption of animal based products is greatly decreased, with the amount which remains of a far greater ethical standard and diminished environmental impact. Additionally, it also seeks to encourage a reduction in the global trade of fruit and vegetables, where local sourcing is combined with seasonality to further increase the growth of regenerative farming practices.

For further information, The Ethical Butcher recently published an in-depth analysis of Regenuary, which you can find HERE.