Reinventing the Thermal Food Container

Back in January a new system for thermal food and drink containers took off, with the Drop and Twist Insert system proving to be an amazing replacement for food containers, helping to store more food in small spaces. The inserts with included airtight lids, are BPA and phthalate-free, can be put in the freezer, fridge, microwave and dishwasher sanitise clean. Each insert has a cool-to-the-touch rim that lets you remove from the microwave with your fingers and 'drop and twist' into the fashionable thermal Container with a triple wall design, keeping foods hot and cold longer, and a pop-up travel handle is also included.

"This insert system with Thermal Container is where innovation meets fashion," says Zisi Konstantinou, V.P. of Thermotwist Inc. "Not only does the product boast health conscious, convenient, time and money saving features, also comes with trending styles and patterns, NHL and Mossy Oak for women, men and kids. Now you can have your personal meals to go, in a fashionable and functional way."

Pioneering product developers behind Thermotwist Inc. created a patent pending insert system and thermal container that lets users choose from a wide variety of trendy designs, prepare healthy food in batches, store it in space-saving personal serving sized inserts, grab and go when they're on the move, and heat things up whenever they need to.

"We created this product out of a real necessity," explains Spyros Theoharis, Founder and Creator of the Drop and Twist Thermal Container. "With a family of six, although thermoses were helpful, they had their downfalls. Freezing premade food in the right sizes was tricky, I had to remember to pull it out the night before, it took time to transfer food from the container to the thermos, not to mention the fact that hand washing everything took forever. I needed a better way to manage meals and get everyone out the door faster."

It may be some time before we see these spread their reach from North America over to the UK, but we're excited to test these out when we can finally get our hands on one. Find out more not he website here.