Remember, remember, this fifth of November in London

Remember, remember the fifth of November ... and there are plenty of reasons to make this year a memorable one in London with a number of the capitals best food and drink assets offering their takes on themed treats for the taste buds.

Gunpowder is visually represented in the Dynamite Belle-Helene the pyrotechnic pudding from The Savoy's new Temptation Wheel cocktail and dessert menu. This dessert is exquisitely designed to resemble a comic book explosion on the plate; a sleek poached pear 'bomb' is perched on wafer-encased ice cream sticks of dynamite trailing a chocolate and gold leaf fuse.

The smoky aroma of Guy Fawkes night is encapsulated in the Smoked Heather Dram from Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings. A pyromaniacs delight, the cocktail features warming Laphroaig Quarter Cask, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao, Sweet Vermouth, apple juice, orange zest and is flambéed. A smoking hot toddy for a cold November night.

Bonfire night is an excuse to wrap up and get cosy but when the fireworks fade The Cocktail Trading Company's new venue in Smithfield is a snug spot for a post bonfire tipple. The Hop Buttered Bun cocktail features wheat beer, Bols Genever infused with raisin and nutmeg and spiced butter syrup and is as comforting as a spot by the fireside.