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So, do you really know your Mexican? We’re willing to bet that when questioned about Mexican food, most people’s first response would be fajitas, tortilla chips and chilli con carne, a few might think of guacamole and possible burritos, then those really in the know would mention mole and salsa. In the second ‘buy now report’ from thefoodpeople, this report answers all of your questions and inspires you with the facts in this 200+ page report on the food trend delicious and diverse cuisine that is Mexico.

You see the Mexico that we think we know is more than likely TexMex, a mash-up of Mexican ingredients with the Lone Star state’s tastes. Digging deeper into Mexico’s larder reveals a diverse array of dishes influenced by the sea, the forests and the melting pot of cultures that is Mexico

Dive into this report to find out about the countries’ festivals, the dish with nearly 20 ingredients, their national drink and discover that there are more salsa recipes than you can taste in a

This exclusive to foodwatching subscribers report is full of all you need to know about Mexican food, as well as the facts, this report is full of images, web links as well as a easy to digest summary at the end of each.

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Look out for our next ‘buy now report’ on Global Barbecue Trends, out end July 2014.