Rene Redzepi plans lunch box book

More known for his creative award-winning food in Copenhagen than sandwiches (although he does love these too), Rene Redzepi has been inspired to create a new book thanks to his daughters!

On making lunches for his one- and four-year-old daughters he says "It's the most nerve-wracking thing there is in the entire world, because you never know what happens. The thing they enjoyed last week, they might look and say, 'I don't want that, I hate it,' the following week. And the most important thing for you is that your children have a healthy and happy relationship with flavors and with food. So this little moment I have every morning, where I'm planning the lunch box, is truly one of the most nerve-wracking moments I have through the whole day."

But he thinks he’s found the solution for how to keep kids happy, and how to keep them inspired when they actually open these boxes. Even though there will be kids around them saying, 'What is this disgusting thing, why are you eating that?' and all these things that kids say to each other."

Good luck with this one Rene – we think it will inspire a few adults lunch boxes too!