Restaurant Recreations

Whether it's the opulent setting of a fine dining establishment or the fast-paced service of a quick-service outlet, the environment in which we eat our food is important. If you are missing out on the ambience of your favourite spot, then how about trying some of these solutions?

Whether it's a technological innovation like a dedicated video call or a homemade solution designed for some family fun, there are lots of ways to recreate your favourite restaurant.

Dine-In Dining

If you're missing your favourite restaurant or outlet then check out the virtual options from these adaptable establishments. They are making use of video calls to connect with their customers and help their customers connect with each other. Some are even using the tech to help people pick their takeaway options to make sure they get exactly what they want. For example, Brato Brewhouse hosted a "hell night" where customers bought a meal kit of chicken wings or fried cauliflower and six sauces of various heats. Customers join via Zoom and the Brato staff talk them through each sauce whilst diners get to see each other take on the heat!

Fast Food From Home

People are getting creative at home to make their own versions of high street favourites, even recreating the packaging and ordering experience. This can be particularly fun for kids missing their usual treats! The Paterson family in Scotland hit the headlines by recreating their favourite restaurants at home including a full McDonalds restaurants.

DoorDash Lunchroom

One pioneering new way to recreate that restaurant feeling is to dine with friends over Zoom (or a similar app), but what about the backdrop? DoorDash Lunchroom has teamed up with popular American restaurant chains like Cracker Barrel, Buffalo Wild Wings, Brooklyn pizzeria Roberta's, and Auntie Ann's to offer virtual backgrounds that you can use as a backdrop to your virtual hangout.

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