Restaurant Vouchers Amidst COVID-19

Voucher activity in the UK started in earnest during the period of uncertainty when the public was told by the government to steer clear of restaurants, despite being allowed to remain open at the time. Though the dynamic of the situation has changed, forcing all establishments to close, many still offer vouchers as way of supporting your favourites through this testing time.

Inventive Incentive
To further encourage the purchase of vouchers, some are offering further advantages, meaning you receive a little more than you initially paid out for. Hart Group offered 25% discount on voucher purchases over £1000, while Indian restaurant Kricket offered a discount of 20% on vouchers of £250 or more. Others are offering free drinks, free champagne and even a 10% discount for life in the case of Patty & Bun.

Better Together
Central purchasing locations for vouchers has also grown rapidly in the wake of COVID-19, with the likes of Wriggle leading the way with a scheme called Indy Kitty. It offers people the chance to help independent businesses in Bristol by purchasing vouchers which can be redeemed once the crisis has passed; Wriggle are also waiving all fees at this time.

Added Value
Many businesses are banding together in order to help survive this tumultuous period, creating overarching campaigns that are using vouchers to give back to those in the hospitality trade that are struggling. One such scheme has been launched by a collective of restaurants in Manchester. The Pay It Forward campaign is encouraging people to buy discounted vouchers for their favourite restaurants between now and Easter. Each establishment participating has agreed to donate £1 per voucher to the charity Hospitality Action.

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