Restaurants Become Shops

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic by the hospitality industry has been swift and wide-ranging. As restaurants search for new revenue streams in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak, many are adopting new strategies to feed their customers. One that has surfaced across is the globe is the restaurant shops.

Best Practice

Contactless payment is the only payment that many will accept, some are only admitting 2 people into their shop at any one time, with customers required to stay away for each other at all times. Some, like Sister Pie (Detroit) is only accepting payment through email invoice and the Hill Country Barbecue Market (NYC) are offering a "No Touch Drop-Off/Pick Up" option.


From the west coast to the eastern seaboard, restaurants stateside are also morphing into mini grocery stores. Seafood restaurants are becoming the fishmongers, BBQ joints, butcher shops, with almost all also stocking essentials such as milk, grains and bread. Like the UK, many are opening with the need to keep cash flowing through their business, community responsibility and as a response to empty supermarket shelves.

Buying Brat

One of the best examples of restaurant shopping is Brat, the acclaimed fire restaurant run by chef Tomos Parry. They are stocking the essentials such as milk, cheese and bread, as well as a host of epicurean delights. A huge central table is full of artisan charcuterie, local vegetables and fresh seas food. In addition, there is a fridge stocked with rare breed, aged meats as well as a table groaning with plonk from the restaurant's wine list.

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