Restaurants Shops - Australia and Asia

Restauranteurs have stripped away the tables from their dining rooms and replaced them with fridges and shelves to create new food retail options for local people. They are everything from ready meals to fine wine, while also acting as a hub for other local producers. With many supermarkets battling to keep shelves stocked high, these groceraunts have become an attractive option for many people who still want to shop local.

Shopping Selection

During the coronavirus epidemic restaurants, bars and hotels have stepped up to the mark offering essentials such as bread, milk, fruit and vegetable as well as a selection of beer, wine and spirits, of course. Wine fridges have been converted into milk fridges and bars now are covered with vegetables instead of bar mats. The Tudor Hotel in Sydney now uses its wine fridges to stock groceries, while the renowned Attica has changed from tasting menus to become a popup bakeshop in Melbourne.

Milk Bottle Shops

In addition to pubs and restaurants, hotel bottle shops have also started stocking essentials such as cleaning materials, toilet paper, milk and bread. As the pub part of the establishment is shut down due to lockdowns, the retail part has been perfectly set to become more than just a bottle shop. This hotel/bottle shop combo is almost only found in Australia and NZ, and has proved a lifeline for many communities. With the likes of New South Wales' The Toormina Hotel and The Seabreeze Hotel establishing themselves as valuable solutions to the ongoing pandemic and the need for social distancing.

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