Rise in Filipino Food As the Trend Goes Global

We take a look at the growing popularity of 'New Filipino' cuisine having visited the latest Melbourne Filipino pop-up, Hoy Pinoy.

"The appeal of Hoy Pinoy lies in its laid-back, self-possessed, quietly confident authenticity," its website says. "Its goal is not to take Filipino street food and make it haute, or hatted, commanding prices that would put off its current mobile market following."

Making appearances at food markets, events, festivals and other celebratory occasions, Hoy Pinoy has a growing reputation in the Melbourne food scene, as does Filipino food. With all the food cooked freshly on-site immediately before serving, crowds are temped by the smells and smokes from the open air grill as the selection of sweet marinades carry in the open air. Find Hoy Pinoy on Twitter & Instagram for more.

The Filipino food trend fits into three of our food & drink mega trends for 2017-18 and was recently covered in our foodwatching Australia and Asia December 2017 report, Filipino Goes Global. Read the full report here. Can't access the report as you're not yet subscribed? Get in contact today.