Russian Designers Create 'Eggstatic' Packaging

We’ve seen hot cans, now it’s time for hot eggs. This is just ingenious!

The Gogol Mogol is a single-use cardboard egg box made with special chemical layers that produce heat when activated, similar to the technology used for self-heating tins from calcium hydroxide, water and other chemicals which create heat when mixed together. A tag pulled from the container sets off a chemical reaction which makes the small package warm up and cook the egg in just two minutes.

It was created by brand agency Kian, designed by Evgeny Morgalev and it has just won an award from the European Packaging Design Association – is it any wonder? A company spokesman said it was an ambitious project which is now looking for business partners and scientists, who would be able to produce and distribute the Gogol Mogol.

The Gogol Mogul (named after a Russian egg dish) comes with eggs, so it’s ready to go when you want to eat. The packaging does look pretty sturdy so it should be quite safe in your bag until lunchtime (we hope!). Like we said, it cooks in two minutes, but if you want it firmer, even hard boiled, simply leave it in for longer. The packaging is only useable once and has to be thrown away after it’s done its job, but it is recyclable.