Saicho Sets Out To Change The Way We Dine With Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Masterminded by the husband and wife team of Charlie & Natalie Winkwork-Smith, Saicho has been created in order to diversify the drinks market and challenge the way in which we pair non-alcoholic drinks with food.

The sparkling cold-brewed tea drink is unique, with a delicately complex mix of flavours from the teas used, Saicho is ideal for both refined dining and those seeking a New Year detox from alcohol.

Each 500ml bottle is available in Jasmine, Darjeeling or Hojicha, brewed to be best served chilled and presented in a classic Champagne flute or even a coupe glass.

The 24 hour brewing process allows for the extraction of each flavour to form a gentle taste which possesses great hidden depths from the leaves used, attuned with one another to proved a subtle sweetness and acidic splash. With an effervescent nature to further enhance the body, it is an ideal non-alcoholic alternative to the festive familiars of Champagne and Prosecco.

Ultimately, the result is a drink which offers tastes from the floral and fruity, to the nutty and smoky; an enjoyable range of flavours often thought to be limited to alchoholci drinks.