Sainsbury's Bring Pineapple Flavoured Grand Kadoo Rum To The Shelves

The expansion of pineapple flavoured drinks within the rum sector has seen Sainsbury's jump on Grand Kadoo Carnival Pineapple Rum, ensuring the high street supermarket chain is part of this growing trend in 2020.

Grand Kadoo Carnival Pineapple Rum will become a familiar feature for shoppers, with 250 stores to begin stocking the unique rum, while also being made available online too.

The UK has seen a rapid increase in the presence of pineapple flavoured rums to hit the shelves recently, with the likes of Dead Man's Fingers Pineapple Rum and The Duppy Share Spiced Rum's use of pineapple and kola nut.

Grand Kadoo itself has created their Pineapple rum at their family owned distillery in Barbados, where it is infused with real fruit, all locally sourced from across the Caribbean islands.

Speaking of the announcement, Steven Pattison (Chief Executive for Kirker Green Brands) said: "We are incredibly proud to partner with Sainsbury's, who are continually supporting innovation, new brands and greater choice for their customers. The listing marks a significant milestone for Grand Kadoo Rum, making it available in the UK grocery channel and increasing brand presence nationwide.

Caroline Glover,Sainsbury's Spirits Buyer, said: "We are really excited by the increasing consumer interest in the rum category and know more and more of our shoppers are starting to explore this area so we want to be able to offer our customers a greater portfolio of rum brands and high quality choices. Grand Kadoo Carnival Pineapple will sit within our premium offering, with fantastic on-shelf visibility and standout, we're delighted to bring it to the UK consumer."

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