Sainsbury's Launches UK's First Meat-Free Butchers

To celebrate World Meat-Free week, British supermarket chain Sainsbury's launched the nation's first meat-free butchers open for just three days in Bethnal Green in East London from 21-23rd June.

The traditional style butchers is offering customers an array of cuts and joints derived from 100% plant-based alternatives, including meaty cuts, joints and strings of sausages actually made from vegetables such as mushroom, jackfruit and even pea protein.

The butchers has been designed to highlight how far vegan food has come over the years, showing customers the huge breadth of choice now available. However, statistics from Sainsbury's still show that despite its rising popularity, over half (56%) of Britons are still to try what they would consider to be a 'meat alternative', even with 52% hoping to increase their number of meat-free days.

From those questioned, the top reasons for not yet trying an alternative are; worrying about the taste (40%), lack of understanding on how to cook plant-based foods (36%) and believing that plant-based food is only meant for vegans (24%).

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