Sainsbury's Releases New Introduces 'New Hawaiian' Pizza as it Shakes Up Summer

As part of its ongoing mission to inspire the nation to shake up its summer eating routine, supermarket chain Sainsbury's is back with more Little Twist recipes; quick and easy ways to enjoy a fresh take on family favourites this summer. An example is the parma ham and rocket pizza with a grilled peach twist, which is sure to have pizza lovers divided in opinion.

Inspired by classic pairings such as melon and prosciutto, current eating trends see fruit taking prime position in savoury dishes across a variety of cuisines from modern European to Moroccan. As such, Sainsbury's has taken a fresh look at the classic Hawaiian pizza, which typically features ham and pineapple, to tap into the demand for a more complex variation on the sweet and savoury flavour combination.

Sainsbury's data shows that more than 1 in 4 pizza lovers have bought a Hawaiian in the last two years*, with sales routinely peaking over half term and school holidays*. The 'new Hawaiian' features grilled peach – a fruit at its very best in the summer months – paired with parma ham and rocket. Easy to make, this is the ideal summer recipe for families seeking a flavour upgrade an. So, would you try it?

Everyone can join the fruit on pizza debate, as well as suggesting their own fruity topping combinations, by using #LittleTwists #Fruitonpizza.

In addition to the pizza recipe twist, Sainsbury's has created other twists to tried and tested family summer favourites, such as Chicken Goujons coated in crunchy Rice Pops and French Toast fried in Coconut Milk (recipes below).

Further #LittleTwists recipes from Sainsbury's can also be found at