Samsung Showcased AI Powered Home Appliances At Consumer Electronics Show

One of the global leaders in consumer electronics, Samsung recently displayed its BESPOKE home appliances range at CES which feature the latest AI capabilities for futuristic functionality in the modern home.

On display in the Home Experience zone of Samsung's booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas last week, the new BESPOKE home appliance line-up included the 2024 BESPOKE 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with AI Family Hub, a smart fridge providing information on its contents, expiry dates and recipe suggestions.

On top of the unique AI Vision Inside feature, an impressive 32-inch screen on the exterior of the BESPOKE Refrigerator was showing attendees demonstrations of how users can pull up all types of content, from step-by-step cooking videos on YouTube or TikTok to their favourite show on Samsung TV Plus.

With a reduction in food waste top of many consumers agenda at home, the new refrigerator comes at a poignant time. It was on display at the show alongside a range of other connected appliances designed to help to take the stress out of multitasking and make life easier. These include the Anywhere Induction Cooktop which allows you to answer your phone from the kitchen whilst cooking, without needing to access your smartphone.

At thefoodpeople, we recently covered 'Harnessing AI' in our 2024/2025 Food & Beverage Trends book with AI being a modern-day reality, with the possibility to revolutionise any and every industry. Scientists are already using AI to speed up world-changing discoveries, while food producers are working with AI-powered tech to cut costs and improve efficiency. It also has the potential to improve agricultural sustainability, and help to provide streamlined and personalised consumer experiences - as seen here with Samsung's latest home appliances.

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