seasonwatching Summer Report

As the Met Office announces England's had its joint hottest summer on record, we take a look back at the hottest food and drink trends that have dominated the past months.

The Summer of 2022 is certainly a scorching one to remember, with temperatures reaching record-breaking levels in some parts of the UK and with group celebrations back in full swing, there's been no better excuse for copious amounts of ice cream and picnics galore (with a cocktail or two as well of course!). When having people around, food preparation tends to be easy and impressive. Barbecue menus and sharing tapas have been upgraded this year.

Refreshment is key with all things iced, while retro favourites reemerged with quirky updates, coronation mackerel or cherry hibiscus flavour twists to lemonades. This summer we've looked to food and drink for both an element of surprise and a multi-sensory experience. Colour, extreme flavour and scent are important.

We take a look at all this and much more in our full seasonwatching report on Summer. To give you a taste of what's covered in the report, we've collated three key takeouts, listed below.

Be Bold, Be Brave Summer brings an opportunity for experimentation, but there is a vibrancy that comes through this season with flavour. Tangy, pickled halibut or a soured calamansi cocktails brings a zing to our tastebuds, but there is a daring, unexpected element too - think horseradish sorbets and tomato ketchup ice cream and you're close! As we continue to see boundaries pushed with flavour, it not only gains attention but can invite a wealth of colour too.

Being Mindful – With temperatures soaring up to 40C in some places of the UK, this has brought the reality of climate change to the fore. Regenerative farming which helps to protect the soil, and drought resistant grains are explored. Whether it's eating in line with the seasons, or even taking a healthy approach to the summer, we're mindful about the future.

Nostalgia 2.0 – There's a lot of fun to be had this summer, as comforting tastes of old continue to get a modern upgrade. From piña colada everything through to old school flavours such as strawberry shortcake and banana pudding, nostalgia and reinvention is high.

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