Sin Free Sugar by UBB

Sin-Free Sugar by UBB™, the unique calorie free all natural sweetener, successfully introduced last year in Southern California, announces its availability and national product launch at the Natural Products Expo West Show this week.

Dennis Wong, CEO of UBB, is also a Type 2 Diabetic with a sweet tooth. He wanted to create a product that would provide the taste experience of sugar without the negative insulin response. Along with Dr. Horst Krupp PhD, they developed a product that is made from natural ingredients but is still calorie free. Sin-Free Sugar by UBB is a proprietary blend of naturally occurring sugars, including xylose, erythritol (sugar alcohol), and brown seaweed extract (containing essential sugars). It has a low glycemic index (Level 2) and fractional insulin response. And most importantly, it tastes good.

"A growing number of consumers have shown dissatisfaction with available sugar substitutes for a variety of reasons. They want products that taste good and as close to a natural sugar as possible. Many category offerings, like Stevia based products leave an unpleasant aftertaste or inferior taste to sugar. And some of the newer sugar substitutes like monk fruit cost more and are not widely accepted," said Dennis Wong.

The explosive growth in pre-Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes has fueled the need for a better tasting sugar substitute that won't negatively impact health. Agave, for example, causes insulin resistance. "As a Type 2 Diabetic, I know how hard it is to give up the sweet desserts I've always enjoyed," continued Wong. "I am so excited about how easy it is to make great tasting desserts and treats that don't compromise my diabetes management."

Sin-Free Sugar by UBB has a texture, consistency and sweetness similar to the table sugar most consumers know, due to how sugars crystallize naturally when dried. Unlike many sugars and sweeteners, Sin-Free Sugar by UBB has a high heat tolerance and can be effectively used in cooking, baking, and in hot foods and beverages.