Singer Cher Gets Into The Ice Cream Business With New Cherlato

No, it's not a very belated April fools, singer Cher really is getting into the ice cream business (or at least putting her name to it) with the launch of Cherlato in partnership with Giapo Kitchen, a New Zealand based ice cream and gelato supplier.

The new ice cream brand has only been spotted in the US so far, with a brightly coloured, Cher-covered gelato van doing the rounds - pictured on Cher's social media. Although there's no further information on an official launch date and where the gelato will be sold on a more permanent basis.

On her Instagram feed, Cher said: Yep, This Is Real... I'm Launching My Gelato... Watch Out LA!! All Started 5 Years Ago And Now It's Finally HAPPENING. More To Come...

We'll keep an eye out and see where else we see the Cherlato popping up over the summer.