SnackSafely dot com and Partners Launch Free-From Sample Program for Schools, publishers of the Safe Snack Guide – a resource used by thousands of schools and tens of thousands of parents nationwide – announces the launch of an exciting new program to introduce allergy-friendly alternatives to traditional foods often consumed in classrooms and cafeterias.

Conceived together with Enjoy Life Foods – the leading brand in the Free-From category – the program provides free samples, coupons, and offers for products delivered to teachers, school nurses, cafeteria planners, school and district administrators, and PTA representatives.

The program features products and offers from Enjoy Life's robust allergy-friendly portfolio of cookies, snack bars, seed and fruit mixes, and more, as well as WOWBUTTER Safe-For-School Soybutter, MadeGood Granola Bars, and Skeeter Nut-Free Snacks. All are peanut and tree nut free and free of other common allergens depending on the product.

"An estimated 5.9 million children in the US are coping with food allergies, an average of two in every classroom," says Dave Bloom, CEO of "Many, my daughter included, have been excluded from participating in school activities because of their allergies. We're excited to launch a program to introduce schools to allergy-friendly alternatives that can be enjoyed by a wider community of children."

"At Enjoy Life Foods, inclusion is one of our core values, but we understand that navigating a special diet at school can be restrictive to children across the nation," said Joel Warady, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Enjoy Life Foods. "That's why we're proud to partner with on this widespread program that not only makes safe allergy-friendly foods available for the growing number of kids with food allergies, but gives parents, teachers, and everyone that plays an integral role in our children's education peace of mind."

Manufacturer participation in the program is limited to those that have been accepted to the Manufacturer Partnership by agreeing to disclose detailed information regarding the processing of 11 allergens during the manufacture of each of their products.

Find out more on the SnackSafely website here.