So Delicious Dairy Free Launches New Organic Almondmilk and Eco Plant Based Bottle

So Delicious Dairy Free, makers of dairy-free foods and beverages in the U.S., continues to grow its range of nutmilks as the brand launches three new So Delicious Organic Almondmilks with Cashew. It's not just the beverage which is newsworthy, as So Delicious Dairy Free also launches its first primarily plant-based bottle.

The brand continues its legacy with this launch of organic almondmilk with cashew, which has seven ingredients or fewer, such as vanilla extract and responsibly sourced coconut sugar. These new nutmilks avoid excessive use of stabilisers and thickeners, allowing the taste of the real ingredients to shine.

"Every ingredient has a purpose, and every flavour comes to life in its own unique way," said Aubrey Yuzva, Senior Brand Manager, So Delicious Dairy Free. "It's so delicious, you'll be so surprised it's such a simple recipe with no extra."

In an effort to continue to grow as a clean and sustainable brand, So Delicious has also developed the first primarily plant-based bottle in the refrigerated dairy case for the new line of organic almondmilk with cashew, so consumers can fall in love with the bottle, too. The recyclable bottles are at least 80 percent plant-based, reducing the brand carbon footprint.

The new Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, vegan and organic nutmilk comes in three flavours; vanilla, unsweetened and original, each coming in at 50 calories or fewer per serving. Find out more about So Delicious Dairy Free on the brand's website here.