Soft Beverages Report

Our latest categorywatching report dives deep into the world of Soft Drinks, seeking to explore the latest trends which are defining the industry during 2020 and beyond.

As a taste of the full report, linked to below, we have selected three major themes which are bubbling to the top already this year:

1) Functional

Increasingly we are seeking out drinks that give us an added boost as well as thirst quenching flavour. While the emphasis is still very much on the physical functional claim, with collagen and gut friendly drinks trending, we move beyond this to focus on the mind. Within today's fast paced world, mindfulness becomes widely practised. Whether it's nootropics that are said to aid concentration, or chlorophyll water to give a natural energy boost, there is something for every need.

2) More Choice

As more of us look to cut back on alcohol, demand for extended soft drink choice is high. Sophisticated flavour such as blackberry shrub soda (made from fermented blackberry) and twists on familiar favourites such as blood orange lemonade trend. We are also seeing cues taken from alcohol whether it be through packaging or the drinking experience. From 'delicate and dry' sparkling water with a twist of raspberry to sparkling tea served in champagne bottles, the experience of drinking alcohol is still very much there…just without the hangover!

3) Health and Planet

Health and protecting the planet are at the heart of choices for many consumers. Drinks with no added sugar continue to be important as we seek out naturally sweet sources such as sweet potato in smoothies. Deep sea ingredients with sustainable credentials also make waves within the category, and as we look to reduce plastic, there is also an emphasis on preserving energy and water resources.

You can read the full published soft beverages category report via the official thefoodpeople Trend Hub - Soft Drinks Categorywatching