Soft Drinks - Categorywatching Report

Soft drinks make a refreshing change and we're seeing lots of bold flavour come through. We take a look at soft drinks in more detail in our latest categorywatching report.

With COVID-19 impacting on senses, plus people simply wanting some escapism and fun, soft drinks are delivering with bold flavour that appeals to both taste and scent. But as we look to the future, sustainability is key with plant-based packaging looking to replace single use plastic, and we also venture into the metaverse. Imagine a soft drink launch where people can personalise their order in the virtual space choosing flavours and adaptogens, then having it created in a dark kitchen and physically delivered.

We've pulled three of the main takeouts from the new Soft Drinks Categorywatching report to give you a feel for what to expect in the full article.

1. Bright and Bold - Flavour is bolder than ever whether it's simple, familiar notes such as black cherry, the bright acidity of citrus fruits or heat. Ginger, turmeric and chilli all pack a punch in terms of flavour as well as delivering on healthy credentials. Pineapple and chilli soda delivers on refreshment and a lavender soda is aromatic, not to mention flavoursome.

2. Home and Away - As we're out and about a lot more impulse sales have revived this year, however, due to flexible working there's still a large percentage of time spent at home. 1 litre festive ready to drink cold brews made with oat milk, espresso and cookie butter recreates those barista moments at home, and we are seeing a lot more of concentrates such as ginger that can be simply added to sparkling water. More affordable, yet still luxurious we could see a lot more of cooler ready to drink formats at home.

3. Focus - We're all wanting healthy boosts with every sip, and given that life's getting busier and that screen time is on the up for many, natural energy boosts are in demand. Adaptogens such as ginseng and hemp seeds are said to help with focus and mental alertness without any of the jitters that can be associated with caffeine.

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