Sophie's BioNutrients To Produce A Microalgae-Based Ice Cream

Food tech company Sophie's BioNutrients has teamed up with the Danish Technological Institute to produce a nutrient-rich microalgae-based ice cream.

The Singaporean company Sophie's BioNutrients claims that this is the world's first chlorella-based ice cream, one which falls firmly in the environmentally friendly food source category. What's more, just a 1oz serving of the ice cream, derived from Chlorella vulgaris, is said to have the potential to provide double the recommended daily intake of vitamin B12 whilst also being rich in iron.

On its website, Sophie's BioNutrients describes itself as Leveraging technology to increase sustainable protein production for the world! We are revolutionizing alternative protein production with our technology to address food security and supply chain disruptions.

"Microalgae is one of the most nutrient-rich and versatile resources on the planet," said Sophie's BioNutrients CEO and co-founder, Eugene Wang. "Today we have shown another facet of the unlimited possibilities this superfood can offer – a dairy- and lactose-free alternative to ice cream that, thanks to microalgae, offers a higher nutrition content than most available dairy-free alternatives. We are incredibly excited for this development in allergen-free foods and the prospect of more inclusive dining."

Danish Technological Institute director of food technology, Anne Louise Dannesboe Nielsen, added: "Microalgae is definitely part of the future. It is a sustainable ingredient with a lot of potential in multiple food applications.

"At DTI, we are increasingly experiencing interest in microalgae and are eager to help grow, understand and explore its potential."

You can find out more about Sophie's BioNutrients and the projects the company works on here.

Microalgae is a hot topic right now and one that we'll be covering in our upcoming tfp Food & Beverage Trend Summit on 22nd November together with Eleni Yianna Hogg, marketing lead at NewFish. Eleni is joining us to talk about how NewFish are reimagining seafood from ocean-based charcuterie to new foods based on super protein rich microalgae, in a bid to replenish our relationship with the ocean without compromising on flavour or sustainability.

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