Souper Challenge!

Progresso® Soup is challenging America to participate in a 30-day “Lunch Make-OH!ver” where consumers are invited to take the Pledge and commit to making a month of smart lunch choices like Progresso Light.

The “Lunch Make-OH!ver” Pledge campaign kicks-off October 1 through November 30, 2013. Consumers can enter the Sweepstakes via an online Pledge at for a chance to win a trip for two to The Biggest Loser Resorts in Malibu, CA. The winner will participate in a customized weight loss program that takes an integrative approach to overall health and wellness through a combined emphasis
on physical fitness, nutrition, and education for eight days and seven nights.

Progresso Light is offering delicious flavours that are light on calories to help with the Pledge.

During the month-long commitment, the options are endless. Progresso has about 40 soups under 100 calories per serving, which is at least 33% fewer than leading brands, to help manage your weight as part of a healthy lifestyle.

“Consumers have loved the creamy light soups as part of their diet and weight management programs, and these are great choices for them to consider during their one-month ‘Lunch Make-OH!ver’ Pledge,” said Joselynne Fynboh, associate marketing manager, Progresso Soup. “They can’t believe that they have 100 calories per serving with such a rich
flavour, and are happy that they don’t have to compromise taste for something