Spanish Cuisine In Focus And The New Brindisa Gazpacho

We recently published our latest Cuisinewatching report, taking a look at Spanish Cuisine here in the UK and alongside had the pleasure of also trying Brindisa's new Gazpacho - perfect for your Bloody Mary recipe.

The cuisine of Spain is dominated by regional dishes of seasonal ingredients with various styles and formats being adopted across the UK and worldwide. With a rich and diverse historical past, the food of Spain can also point to many distinct, regional styles based on not only geography but topographic differences. From the mountains to coastal regions, dry and humid landscapes to lush greenlands. This diversity of conditions provides inspiration for a varied cuisine.

Many of the familiar dishes on UK menus are influenced by Southern Spain-inspired formats, from the tapas of Seville and paella of Valencia, all of which have been widely adopted and adapted globally. As part of the Cuisinewatching report we took a closer look at London-based Brindisa.

The restaurant and shop concept was founded in 1988 and has since become one of the capitals best-known food brands. Importing a host of Spanish regional ingredients, from beans to nuts, charcuterie, wines and cheeses, Brindisa also operates several restaurants across the city focusing on regional Spanish dishes. As part of its retail offering, Brindisa recently launched a new Gazpacho in a carton, in three flavours - Tomato, Tomato & Almond and Tomato & Beetroot.

Brindisa Gazpacho Bloody Mary

We were fortunate enough to be sent a pack to try - mixing the gazpacho with harissa paste with vodka, hot sauce, smoked salt, Aleppo pepper and all the usual garnish to create a delicious Harissa Gazpacho Bloody Mary.

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