Spice it up with Personalised Cocktails for Christmas

Christmas cards will look like a poor afterthought now you know that you could have instead received a personalised cocktail to kick off your Christmas. The small London-based cocktail company Etched is playing the role of both Santa and his elves this year as it not only makes the range of alcoholic treats, but also delivers to your favoured recipients for their Christmas celebrations.

These funky gifts, or just personal office treats, come in either sample sets of 3 or sets of 12 drinks in either jam jars or a plastic alternative. On its website, Etched says: "We start by creating fresh original recipes, depending on season, taste, available fruits and trendy things. We mix them in big vats, bottle and pasteurise them then apply your custom labels.

"We are brothers in arms with King Bloom Cocktails, we share the same lab and warehouse in Edinburgh. Currently our recipes are the same, but we will be developing our own custom ranges in the coming months."

The current flavours are:

  • Vodka, Raspberry, Kiwi, Cloudy Apple, Lemon
  • Gin, Peach, Green Tea, Cloudy Apple, Lemon
  • Vodka, White Cranberry, Coconut, Orange, Chai

Unfortunately with a three week lead time now there's no room for delivery before Christmas, but this could be the late present for those that slipped through the net.

(Photo from www.etchedcocktails.com)