Spicy NPD Launches With New Products From Frank's RedHot & PepsiCo Crisp Varieties

New products from Frank's RedHot and PepsiCo's crisp varieties over the past few weeks have made for some spicy NPD highlights recently.

First up, a fan favourite for many of us here at thefoodpeople - Frank's Hot Sauce has introduced two new sauce formats this month in the US with its Dip'n Sauce and Squeeze Sauce formats. The Dip'n Sauce range features three milder flavours of thicker, dippable sauce in convenient inverted grip bottles. The flavours include:

Frank's RedHot Buffalo Ranch Dip'n Sauce
Frank's RedHot Roasted Garlic Dip'n Sauce

Frank's RedHot Golden Dip'n Sauce

"The new Frank's Dip'n and Squeeze Sauces let fans add the perfect balance of flavour and heat in a new way by dipping or drizzling as much as they want on any food," said Valda Coryat, North America Vice President of Marketing at McCormick & Company, Inc. "Not only are consumers experimenting with different hot sauce flavours, they're adding it on a wider variety of foods from pizza to noodles. More Frank's flavours means more versatility, and more ways for consumers to create their own unique signature combinations throughout the year."

The Squeeze Sauce line features three varieties, each in easy-to-squeeze plastic bottles with a pointed nozzle for a smooth, controlled drizzle on your food. The three flavours are:

Frank's RedHot Sriracha Squeeze Sauce
Frank's RedHot Hot Honey Squeeze Sauce

Frank's RedHot
Creamy Buffalo Squeeze Sauce

    Over here in the UK, PepsiCo is going for added spice too with the launch of a new Extra Flamin' Hot range across its Doritos, Walkers Max and Wotsits products. Responding to increased consumer demand, with 51% of consumers say they love spicy food and the UK's desire for spice ranking as the second highest in Europe, PepsiCo launched the new bags are now available across retailers nationwide.

    Rob Pothier, Doritos senior marketing manager comments: "Shoppers are looking for elevated snacking experiences and intense flavours, so we're turning up the heat with this launch. We can't wait to bring Extra Flamin' Hot to the UK, and given the response we've already seen worldwide, we're certain shoppers will be just as excited. We know spicy snackers shop flavour ahead of brand, so we are encouraging retailers to merchandise the range together to form a striking purple block in-aisle to disrupt shoppers and drive sales. We're sure that this new flavour experience will keep shoppers coming back for more."