St Moritz Gourmet Festival 27-31 January 2014

Andree Köthe (two Michelin stars, 18 GaultMillau points, ‘Chef of the Year 2012’ (GaultMillau), Restaurant Essigbrätlein, Nuremberg/D), is known for his captivating spice and vegetable cuisine that he creates together with Yves Ollech, his congenial deputy chef. ‘Even though meat and fish are integrated, for us a vegetable is always the starting point for the creation of a dish’, is his credo.

Guest of master chef Christian Ott, Hotel Schweizerhof**** Superior, St. Moritz,

Tim Raue (two Michelin stars, 19 GaultMillau points, Restaurant TIM RAUE, Berlin/D, has obtained unparalleled autonomy with his unique ‘East meets West’ philosophy. The culinary number one of Germany’s capital exclusively serves dishes that provide energy and joy of life!

Guest of master chef Fabrizio Piantanida, Grand Hotel Kronenhof ***** Superior,

Christian Scharrer (two Michelin stars, 18 GaultMillau points, ‘Chef of the Year 2011’ (Bertelsmann publishing house), Restaurant Buddenbrooks / A-ROSA Resorts & Hideaways, Travemünde/D,, builds on traditional flavour combinations and marriages of seasonal ingredients. ‘Provocation is not my aim. I wish to affect the senses of my hosts with harmony in taste and presentation’, is his motto.

Guest of master chef Markus Rose, Hotel Giardino Mountain ***** Superior, Champfèr-St. Moritz,

Mauro Colagreco (two Michelin stars, four toques, No. 28 World’s Best Restaurants, ‘Chef of the Year 2009’ of France, Restaurant Mirazur, Menton/F, impresses the gourmet experts as a prodigy with a unique ‘new natural style’. In his kitchen, the native Argentinean breaks through borders between land and sea. Guest of master chef Axel Rüdlin, Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains ***** Superior, St. Moritz,

Yoann Conte (two Michelin stars, four toques, Restaurant Yoann Conte, Annecy/F, excels with his ‘haute cuisine directly from nature’. The native Breton explores mountains, forests and lakes in his research for authentic natural treasures for his cuisine and grows rare plants, spices and herbs.

Guest of master chef Hans Nussbaumer, Kulm Hotel St. Moritz ***** Superior,

Yoshihiro Takahashi (three Michelin stars, Restaurant Hyotei, Kyoto/J, . enables multi-sensorial gastronomic experiences with his traditional Kaiseki cuisine, with French influences interpreted in a modern way. At the core is the preservation of the natural taste of seasonal ingredients that Yoshihiro Takahashi serves on special china decorated by representations of plants and animals with edible flowers and leaves.

Guest of master chef Salvatore Frequente, Carlton Hotel ***** Superior, St. Moritz,

Moshik Roth (two Michelin stars, Restaurant &samhoud places, Amsterdam/NL, breaks established rules with his molecular cooking techniques and traditional methods of preparation. The native Israeli creates sensational menus, each of which he claims to be unique.

Guest of master chef Bernd Ackermann, Suvretta House***** Superior, St. Moritz,

Wolfgang Puck (two Michelin stars, ‘Business Statesman of the Year 2001’, Emmy award winner, restaurant Spago, Beverly Hills/USA, / Chef-Founder, CUT at 45 Park Lane, part of Dorchester Collection, London/UK, is famous as the ingenious creator of Californian haute cuisine. The native Austrian belongs to the culinary elite of the United States and has built up a fantastic career, now enjoying iconic cult status. Guest of master chef Mauro Taufer, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel***** Superior, St. Moritz,

An incomparable variety of events

With these exciting guest chefs the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival offers an incomparable variety of events during the last week of January 2014! The complete programme will soon be announced. However, one thing is already certain: starting off with the glamorous opening at the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, one exquisite taste sensation will follow the next! These will include the Gourmet Safaris and individual Gourmet Dîners, the legendary Kitchen Party at the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, and the ultra-elegant Fascination Champagne at the Suvretta House, as well as further special events. At the end, the spectacular finale with all the master chefs will take place for the first time in the VIP tent on the frozen lake of St. Moritz!

Advance booking of admission tickets for the events starts on 1st December 2013!