Starbucks First-Ever Spring Cups Celebrate the Arrival of the Season

After the grey days of winter, there's nothing quite like those first few bursts of colour that indicate the arrival of springtime - officially arriving on March 20. And to brighten your days, international coffee giant Starbucks is bringing a new look to your cup of coffee.

Starbucks is celebrating the season with its first-ever spring hot beverage cup, available beginning March 16 at Starbucks stores in the United States and Canada for a limited time. Starbucks first began offering seasonal cups more than 20 years ago with its first holiday cup and has since introduced cups celebrating autumn and summer.

Each tall, grande and venti size gets its own cheerful colour with white dots and hand-drawn designs including a sun and umbrella. The cups are available in participating stores for just a few days.

For more information on the Starbucks brand, visit the website here.