Startup Founded by Soldiers in Afghanistan Set to Take Starbucks by Storm

Cinnamon has long been known to have numerous health benefits, from combating diabetes to promoting weight loss. But for health-conscious soldiers currently fighting in Afghanistan, cinnamon is near impossible to get ahold of. Constant patrols and fire missions keep soldiers on the go, often for weeks at a time, and remote outposts have little means of receiving mail. These soldiers needed a supply of fresh and convenient cinnamon – if only to provide a touch of home with their morning cup of coffee, or to sweeten the military oatmeal provided in chow tents. That's where Cinn-Credible stepped in.

Developed by soldiers in Afghanistan, Cinn-Credible Cinnamon Packets provide a single serving of cinnamon – just like sugar packets, but with cinnamon. It's so simple; it's a wonder no one has done it before!

Now that the weather across the US is starting to turn cold, these soldiers want to offer you their battle-tested product: cinnamon packets that offer the perfect solution for cinnamon enthusiasts on the go, and for coffee shops and restaurants everywhere who've previously relied on large, unsanitary spice bottles that make the cinnamon lose its flavor and potency. Why settle for stale cinnamon? Soon, these cinnamon packets will be seen right next to the sugar in every coffee shop and breakfast restaurant in town.

"There's no reason sugar should be so readily available and cinnamon so hard to come by. After seeing the need for individual packets of cinnamon, we went on a mission to source the finest cinnamon we could – we now provide the most convenient, cleanest, and freshest cinnamon available!" says co-founder Will Atkins.

Find out more about the Cinn-Credible brand on its Kickstarter campaign here.