Summer Seasonwatching and BBQ & Grill Foodwatching 2023 Reports Live

With the summer starting to draw to a close here in the UK, we've collated two new reports covering what we've seen over the past month - within our summer seasonwatching report and our BBQ & Grill foodwatching report.

Summer is usually a time for outdoor dining, celebration and long, relaxing days in the sun. Summer 2023 however, was a season of various weather cycles, where the climate around the world provided many contrasting temperatures and environmental events, which obviously impacted our food occasions.

For some parts of the world summer was out in force, with seasonal fruit and veg obtaining a starring role on our plates, providing not only big flavour, but visual appeal too. Taste and technique obviously play a key part, as chefs and mixologists look to maximise seasonal ingredients and elementary techniques to impart big flavour. Key summer formats and eating styles remain popular, with sweet dishes and classic chilled drinks all getting modern, and retro, makeovers.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is becoming a distant memory already, but these shorter days allow us the chance to reflect upon what has happened on BBQs and grills over the past months and where it might go in the future. Fire cooking is still as popular as ever, the love of the flame being harnessed by chefs around the globe. more and more cuisines and formats have come into scope, with ever more elaborate cooking suites, grills and wood-burning ovens. It's safe to say that fire cooking is still as hot as ever.

Check out some of the key takeouts from both our Summer and BBQ & Grill 2023 reports:

As summer draws to a close, we've uploaded our seasonal Summer 2023 report and a BBQ & Grill roundup onto TrendHub. They are brimming with craving-inducing dishes, seasonal must-haves, cuisines inspiration and vibrant visuals. A few top takeouts of key trends for this summer include:

Keep It Raw: Summer menus are celebrating seasonal fruit and vegetables, with minimal processing to let the flavours and natural goodness shine through; think chilled soups (e.g. cucumber gazpacho, or chilled pea soup), or seasonal tomatoes on toast with just salt and good mayo. Similarly, raw preparations of meat and fish – e.g. ceviche or carpaccio – are perfect for a light, fresh summer meal; chefs kick these up a notch with gourmet twists like pickled fruit or homemade floral vinegars.

Fun In The Sun: We all need distraction from daily stresses, and this summer we have looked to food and drink that put a smile on our faces. That means everyone's favourite…. Burgers(!) of course – from thin and crispy 'smash' patties with just ketchup, mustard and onions, to super indulgent burgers, fully loaded with smoked butter, caramelised onion, chilli mayo and more. For those feeling a bit more tongue-in-cheek, fast food hacks and hybrids are all the rage (e.g. cheeseburger tacos with secret sauce) – so too are good old hot dogs, from artisanal homemade sausages to spiralised frankfurters. Wash it all down with a tropical cocktail, or a spritz… And if you need a sweet treat at the end, it's all about nostalgic faves – Neapolitan ice cream sando, anyone?

More-ish Middle Eastern: The flavours of the Middle East are perfectly suited to summer dining, with the cuisines of the region full of bold, bright and aromatic dishes, many of which are for sharing. Mezze favourites like hummus, labneh, falafel, flatbreads, pickles and dates are perfect fodder for a summery 'picky bits' dinner. And bold hot sauces and flavour pastes like zhug, harissa and chermoula, as well as seasonings like Baharat and za'atar, can be used to flavour lamb, chicken, fish, potatoes, you name it – to elevate a simple mid week BBQ into a gourmet affair.


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