Summer Trends Report Round Up

We've recently published our enterprise report which rounds up all of the key trends we've identified over the summer of 2021 across food and drink - the first combined menuwatching and categorywatching report we've published.

To give you a feel for what's included in the report, we've summarised three key take-outs below.

Bright and Bold – It may have been staycations for many, however, this summer we've had fun with food and drink. Candy coloured frozen cocktails and super hot flavour has trended appealing to all senses. We've even seen Fortnum & Mason launch an ice cream range that smells of suntan lotion and sea breeze ice-cream. A super sensory experience is all about adventure yet with COVID-19 rates still relatively high, and with long COVID sufferers reporting an impact on senses such as a loss in smell, bright and bold food and drink looks set to become even more important next year.

Rewriting the Rules – TikTok has gained momentum as a key influencer this summer – throwing together a few familiar ingredients and creating something extraordinary (think pasta skewers and air fried pasta chips) has attracted millions of followers. Starbuck's drink of the summer, The Strawberry Sunset drink was inspired by the layered drinks on TikTok. This new level of convenience is fun, super-easy from scratch cooking and a world away from ready meals.

Too the FutureThe pandemic has highlighted the importance of health even more this summer as functional food and drink comes to the fore such as gut friendly mango passion kombucha. We're also taking a stripped back approach as consumers increasingly look for minimum processing and intervention. Natural wines such as Orange Wine make a splash and interest in regenerative farming and older meats where resources are maximised gathers pace.


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