Sunfresh Foods Releases Ready-to-Eat Multi-Coloured Hard-Boiled Eggs

Sunfresh Foods, specialist suppliers of fresh produce in the UK with a focus on provenance, has launched a range of ready-to-eat patterned hard-boiled eggs.

The Monstrously Good! range comes in a pack of six individually coloured eggs. The eggs are hard bolied first and then individually coloured with a shell lacquer which acts as a sealant meaning the eggs can be stored at an ambient temperature and do not need to be refrigerated.

Sunfresh Foods set out with the aim of creating a product that appealed to both children and adults, enlisting the help of UK-based design agency Heath Associates to create the distinctive look. They're perfect for when you're busy and need a quick, healthy treat, as well as making a great, fun-looking but healthy after-school snack – perfect for little tummies – and a great alternative to the usuals.

Find out more about the Monstrously Good! eggs on the company website.