Supplements Rise During COVID-19

Supplements have been flying off the shelves, with people believing that a vitamin boost will help protect them from catching the virus.

Stocking Up have seen such a surge in purchases of both Vitamin C and Elderberry extract powder that they have almost run out of stock already, now predicting an industry shortage soon. High Street chain Holland & Barrett have also set up a new call centre to deal with the increase in concerned customers and their queries.

Vitamin D

Though there is no evidence to suggest that it can help protect against the virus, vitamin D has been a popular choice right away, helping to compensate for the lack of sunshine (not unusual in Britain) due to the restrictions on outdoors activities and travel. It is already advised that during the winter months a supplement of 10 micrograms should be taken by children and adults. Egg yolks, meat, offal and milk do all contain small amounts of the vitamin too, as well as selected breakfast cereals.


The propensity for social media to accelerate unfounded claims has resulted in Zin soaring in popularity, primarily due to reports that a lozenge containing the metal may 'block' the virus. Limited evidence may suggest an ability against the common cold, but large quantities are not advised and can causing serious issues such as anaemia.

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